The Business Brain is a smart, outcome focused learning solution, that helps you explore effective ways to improve performance, create deeper personal connections, find purpose and increase happiness.

The Business Brain Membership


Since the training our sales team have displayed an increase in results of approximately 20%. Win to Loss ratio increased seasonally by 30% compared to last year.


Steve Dineen- Owner of Fuse Universal


Designed as a set of pioneering yet practical personal impact resources, The Business Brain will help you to master your own mind, optimise your thinking and bring you to new levels of cognitive awareness. A powerful growth mindset tool-kit containing insight found within NLP, Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence and Neuroplasticity the Business Brain will push limits, challenge the status quo and maximise your potential.


Why do our methods get such exceptional results?

No one tool works in every situation. That’s why The Business Brain is based on science and technology from many different fields specifically to empower leaders to handle whatever situation is thrown at them.

Not only that but our methods have been stress-tested and proven in the real world in the most trying environments.

Simply put, we provide you with a tool-box like no other

The Business Brain is for smart thinkers what fire was too early for humans. That’s why our top clients keep calling us back to train and re-train again and again.

How is it delivered?

The Business Brain programme is an immersive mindset accelerator, we deliver the programmme as a monthly membership programme made up of:

  • Live webinars
  • Group coaching sessions
  • Private coaching sessions
  • A vibrant and supportive online community
  • Self paced online learning
  • Over 120 hours of additional supplimentary videos and trainings to keep your learning up to date

Each concept is delivered in a bite-sized easy to understand format with supplementary live exercises and live group coaching to get you experiencing and benefiting from the tools straight away.

You also have the choice to dig deeper into concepts with further group sessions and one 2 one coaching.

Think of The Business Brain as your dynamic business coach, a coach that moulds to your needs and gives you just the right amount of information and tools to help you achieve the outcomes you desire as and when you need them.

We promise that you will see life changing transformation throughout the programme.

" Based on our exceptional results over 25 years we are totally confident that you will simply not find a training programme like it "

- Liz Bream

If you want to become a more impactful leader, be able to maximise productivity, be more effective, and make a real difference in your organisation whilst also creating a culture that nurtures and attracts top performers get started by clicking the link below: