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A Tool-Box Like No Other To Solve The Biggest Problems of Modern Day Leaders and Teams

The Business Brain Programme is designed to be a 6-month mindset incubator. You will focus on one core area each month which is backed up with online learning via our app, Group coaching, Classroom learning, 1:1 coaching and practical application. Each month you will be given new tools which you can use straight away to solve some of the biggest problems that businesses face today.

Most businesses work too hard, conflict is rife, friction between team members and growing stress causes blockages and inconsistent effort. This creates an environment where many of us are underachieving and not realising our true potential.

You may not realise it, but most people unknowingly sabotage their personal and team performance and well-being. The Business Brain Programme enables you and your people to maximize performance and well-being simultaneously by focusing on the core brain functions that impact both.

Become a more impactful leader

When successful leaders want to tune their people’s performance even further, they turn to The Business Brain.

Our programme is delivered over six months (can be done in 3 months for bespoke sessions). The six main sessions are classroom-based, with support from our online learning system and app. The programme boosts your mental fitness and introduces 4 “hats” that you can use to communicate and think more effectively. Our app forms the foundation of the programme and tracks things like vision, goals, and accountability, along with its set of psychometric assessments and tools. All of the modules are gamified and take a few minutes per exercise to complete. These activities help participants to assess their strengths, weaknesses and blind spots so that we can build upon enhancements throughout the 6 modules of the programme.

What will you learn?

  • Learn how to supercharge the performance of your team(s)
  • Identify the hidden blocks to world-class productivity
  • Create a culture that nurtures and attracts top performers
  • Communicate with more impact
  • Increase creativity and innovation
  • Increase social intelligence
  • Resolve conflict in a respectful manner
  • Create a super-engaged team full of people that are happy to work and to be challenged at the highest level
  • Create change faster with less pain and friction
  • Master influence and rapport
  • Increase resilience for yourself and your team
  • Flush out the underlying problems that create conflict and procrastination
  • Decrease burnout, overwhelm and other mental health problems
  • And much more……

If you are a leader who wants to turn your weaknesses into strengths and your strengths into superpowers, book your discovery session today and find out how together we can maximise your impact and generate winning mindsets for your organisation.

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Since the training our sales team have displayed an increase in results of approx. 20%. Win to Loss ratio increased seasonally by 30% compared to last year.




Once you are able to identify the REAL cause of your struggles, the solutions are surprisingly simple. The challenge is that the underlying problems are often hard to spot.

The Business Brain will give you the tools to identify what is really going on and what’s blocking your organisation from taking its performance to the next level. This ability to see all of the underlying problems will be worth the investments in the Business Brain many times over.

EQ over IQ

The Business Brain is a one-stop solution to introduce and increase Emotional Intelligence (EQ) throughout your business. Outdated thinking used to recruit based on IQ. The Modern dynamic successful organisation also considers EQ.

Our approach simplifies the understanding of EQ and creates an immediate application by tackling the root cause of problems in a more human way.

The resulting EQ improvements are measurable and sustainable because our training creates new habits that are regularly tested and improved upon throughout the programme.

Our Curriculum is made up of 6 Brain Boosters:

Brain Booster 1: Mindset

Becoming a Business Brain means expanding your awareness and improving possibility. Explore the winning mindsets of successful role models and build on tapping into their unique DNA.

Brain Booster 2: Relationships

Learn the secrets of those individuals who instantly connect with people and become the person that everyone remembers for all the right reasons. Crack skills such as natural rapport, self-confidence and an ability to engage people at all levels effortlessly.

Brain Booster 3: Perception

Imagine seeing problems as opportunities. What would it feel like to tackle any challenge head on with passion and purpose? Create a better representation of yourself and make others see you at your best at all times.

Brain Booster 4: Language

Be interesting and interested. Use more powerful language patterns to communicate with confidence and authority. Find out how to coach and mentor others but also delve into your own self talk and expand your own potential and capabilities

Brain Booster 5: Influence

One of the greatest lost arts in both business and life is the hidden ability to influence people. Conceive greater levels of personal impact through mastering the capacity to persuade others using cognitive science and behavioural psychology.

Brain Booster 6: Thinking

Train your brain to make faster more effective decisions. Unlock your potential and gain improved levels of self management when under pressure and stress. Your new mindful self will be even more resilient and therefore more able to tackle any situation – regardless.


The Business Brain programme is an immersive mindset accelerator, we deliver the programme as a monthly membership programme made up of:

Live webinars

Group Coaching Sessions

Private Coaching Sessions

A vibrant and supportive online community

Self paced online learning

Over 120h of additional supplementary videos and trainings to keep your learning up to date

Get 6-Months of Intensive Business Coaching

Think of The Business Brain as your 6 month intensive business coaching programme. We promise that you will see life changing transformation throughout the programme.

Based on our exceptional results over 25 years we are totally confident that you will simply not find a training program like it.

If you want to become a more impactful leader, be able to maximise the effectiveness and productivity of any team, while also creating a culture top performers love to be part of, book your free discovery session today.

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