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Steve Dineen

Steve Dineen Owner of Fuse Universal

10th April 2019

We felt that in order to maximise our impact with every interaction it was imperative to become more aware of how we behave and how we understand that what we say has a huge bearing on our ability to build trust and establish rapport. Oliver educated our team to appreciate the subtleties of behaviour and empower them all with a better appreciation and understanding of how to best interact with new and existing clients.

Since the training our sales team have displayed an increase in results of approx. 20%Win to Loss ratio increased seasonally by 30% compared to last year.

The behavioural change in the team is clear. I can actually see and hear their verbal tools being positively implemented. We are now more than happy to recommend The Business Brain Programme to anyone wanting to develop their potential and talent.”

Caroline Braxton

Caroline Braxton Practice manager at GP Practice / NHS Herts Valleys

10th April 2019

“As you can imagine the challenge is always to improve how we serve our patients and local community. We have a passion for making their experience as supportive and relaxing as possible.

I was particularly impressed with the personal approach that Oliver took in order to deliver a Business Brain programme that suited our needs; he took time to understand our needs and delivered the training with this in mind. The personal support that was offered between and after the sessions was genuinely given and greatly received; this allowed individuals to benefit from follow-up advise and gave them confidence to use their new skills in actual work situations.

I would like to thank Oliver for assisting us in the continued development of our team, and would definitely recommend a similar training programme to other companies wanting to give their talent the necessary skills to succeed.”


Phil Pringle Head of Country Launch, Vanquis Bank

10th April 2019

You’ll notice that my email signature has changed somewhat. When we had our last session, I talked about potential opportunities Internationally at Vanquis, and over the course of a few evenings chats with Directors, I agreed to change roles with immediate effect. Two of us have dropped our roles and jumped into a newly set up division.

So assuming we can find the right country to start in, and we get the investment, I think this gives me the challenge I need for the next 3 – 5 years. Please take credit for what I’ve achieved this year; without a doubt the business brain development you’ve given me has contributed to my success.

Thank you.

business training

Dominic R Beecheno Government & Infrastructure Advisory

16th January 2019

“The Business Brain addresses the most important aspects of success in life and at work: Your mind-set and communication.

Once you’ve done this course, you will look at business issues in a whole new way, which will enable you to come up with solutions more quickly and accelerate your success in all areas of life.I consider this essential learning and whole heartedly recommend it.”

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Richard Morley Commercial Director, Ecometrica Ltd.

16th January 2019

“Oliver is professional, engaging and expert in his field. His delivery of the subject manner strikes the right balance between business professional and informal, which makes others feel comfortable and free to share and express their own views and experiences.

Oliver presents his material at a level others can understand and relate to. I would have no hesitation in recommending The Business Brain Programme and am placing some of my own team on an upcoming programme.”

business training

Chris Gallimore Photobox

16th January 2019

“When I was first advised that I would have to attend a Programme by my Line Manager, I thought ‘here we go again!’ As someone who has been on numerous courses over the years, I approached the Business Brain Programme with scepticism. How wrong could I be? As from the very first few minutes attending the course the environment created by the OTT training team was unique and even allowed and encouraged for networking with the other participants.

The Business Brain course itself was a revelation in how the NLP, behavioural psychology and business applicable concepts reaches into all aspects of your life as a whole and not just your working life. The course has opened my eyes to the power of language and how to achieve what you wish to in both your work life and personal life. The programme is a building block that can help anybody no matter what their goals are as long as you have an open mind.The delivery of the course by the OTT team was first class and the icing on the cake for a course that could change your life as it did mine.”

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