Richard Morley – Sales Director

Oliver is a true genius. He has an aptitude for understanding a person’s needs and dealing with the root cause of a problem. He also has a vast knowledge base of cognitive tools and a platform of practical business experience that prove invaluable to each and every delegate and of course, this makes his Business Brain Programme stand out from the rest of the standard courses out there. He pays close attention to your personal objectives during each session and tries to develop the essence of your needs in everything you experience. Because of this I placed all my sales team on the programme and not only did we find a marked improvement in their attitudes towards challenge and targets, but we also over achieved on our goals by some distance – a 12% increase in our conversion rates year on year in one particular case. In simple terms The Business Brain is a versatile Business / Life experience using a variety of methods to help you personally to achieve successful outcomes. I would definitely recommend the Business Brain

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