Transform Your Business Communication and Leadership Effectiveness

Unlock the Power of Effective Communication and Decision-Making

Are communication challenges holding your business back? Do you find yourself struggling to navigate conflicts or make crucial decisions that impact your team’s morale and productivity? Imagine a world where you could transform your business communication, prevent misunderstandings, resolve conflicts swiftly, and supercharge team morale.

Introducing The Business Brain Masterclass

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, effective communication and decision-making are essential for success. Our Masterclass empowers you with the skills and insights to overcome these challenges and become an exceptional leader.

Since the training our sales team have displayed an increase in results of approx. 20%Win to Loss ratio increased seasonally by 30% compared to last year.

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Challenges You May Be Facing

Misalignment and Productivity Loss: Poor communication can lead to misalignment of goals, conflicts, and reduced team cohesion, hampering productivity.

Conflict Resolution Costs: Managing conflicts within your team can be costly in terms of time and resources, affecting your bottom line.

Declining Team Morale: When leaders struggle with communication, it can result in declining team morale, impacting job satisfaction and retention rates.

Observation of the Problem

We’ve witnessed countless businesses facing these challenges, and we understand the toll it can take on your organization. Miscommunication, conflicts, and poor decision-making can hinder growth, profitability, and employee well-being. That’s why we’ve designed The Business Brain Masterclass to address these specific issues head-on.

How The Business Brain Masterclass Solves Your Problems

Our Masterclass equips you with targeted modules and coaching to enhance your communication skills, build strong relationships, and make effective decisions. Here’s what you’ll gain:

  • Effective Communication Skills: Learn to understand different points of view, use perceptual positions, and leverage powerful models like the Meta Model and Milton Model to improve communication.
  • Conflict Resolution Expertise: Gain the skills needed to manage conflicts effectively, reducing disruptions and improving team cohesion.
  • Elevated Team Morale: Through improved leadership and decision-making, you’ll boost team morale, increasing job satisfaction and retention rates.

What is covered:

Brain Booster 1: Perception of self (self-efficacy)

Heuristics and Biases.
How we create beliefs and values (Pre- frame Perceptual positions/ The conversational timeline.
How to use Perceptual Positions conversationally.
What are beliefs and Values?
How do we change them?
How to strengthen useful ones and change unhelpful ones.
Hierarchy of ideas/logical levels.

Brain Booster 2: Beyond mentoring (coaching the self and others)

The fundamental coaching models (practical mindfulness).
The 4 questions that get to the heart of any problem.
The business brain frames.
The Verbal package – 4 Magic questions that take the meta-model and supercharge it (Pre-frame) Meta Model.
The triangle of Motivation.

Brain Booster 3: Communicating with power

Points of View / Perceptual Positions
The conversational timeline.
How to use Perceptual Positions conversationally.
The Meta model in full.
Milton Model – using metaphors.

Brain Booster 4: Imprinting ideas

Neuroscience Behind Anxiety, Stress and Uncertainty.
State management/anchors and how to reduce your triggerability.
How to work with these feelings.
Intuition what is really is and how to use it effectively.
Forming and dissolving habits.

Brain Booster 5: Putting it all together

The conflict transformation model for internal and external conflict.
The Feedback model (observer giving feedback based on observation).
Evaluation and interpretation as an observer.
The complete coaching model/group exercises.
Using perceptual positions (3 positions, Client, Coach, Observer).

Brain Booster 6: Practical application

Practical application and certification day exercises.

Join Us in Transforming Your Leadership

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*Certification is only granted to participants who have completed an NLP Practitioner programme before this training

Dates and additional workshops:

  • 20th January: MM  Module 1 – Perception of Self – Online
  • 3rd February: MM Beyond Mentoring – Online
  • 17th February: MM Communicating with Power - Online
  • 2nd March: MM Imprinting Ideas – Online
  • 16th March: MM Putting it all together – Online
  • 13th April: MM Practical application – Online
  • 26th April : The Business transformation Summit - London
  • 3rd May: The Business Brain Day 1 - Potters Bar
  • 17th May: The Business Brain Day 2 - Potters Bar
  • 7th June: The Business Brain Day 3 - Potters Bar
  • 21st June: The Business Brain Day 4 - Potters Bar
  • 12th July: The Business Brain Day 5 - Potters Bar
  • 26th July: The Business Brain Day 6 - Potters Bar