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As leaders, it’s difficult to juggle the pressures of modern-day life with personal and professional needs fighting for the same time and attention. We often find ourselves in conflict with the different parts of our lives. If we are unable to flourish, the people looking to us for guidance and leadership will also suffer.Unlock your potential with Business Brain Masterclass Toolkits.

Since the training our sales team have displayed an increase in results of approx. 20%Win to Loss ratio increased seasonally by 30% compared to last year.

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Are you struggling with the pressure of high-level business management?
Do you want your business to excel? Is your team lacking confidence and energy? Will your company enjoy a more motivated and communicative workforce?


Anyone who has already graduated from our Core Programme and wants to accelerate themselves further by learning and implementing more advanced techniques that build on what they have already put in place.


Our Masterclass programme runs over 6 months and builds on the original material. It is a “software update” to master your Business Brain and elevate your understanding. Due to the advanced level of the material, the Masterclass is only available to accredited Business Brains. These new modules will make your superhero self even more powerful

Brain Booster 1: Happiness

Happiness is often underrated, it’s our core differentiator and the reason we seek out pleasure and avoid pain. Understand what makes you happy and learn how to make the “happier” choices

Brain Booster 2: Resilience

Ever felt deflated and barren?  Our Resilience techniques will act as a shield protecting you from mental fatigue and keeping you in the game long after the others have given up.

Brain Booster 3: Mindfulness

Feel the now, really live the moment. Mindfulness has been scientifically proven to change the brain and make it work more in your favour reducing stress, anxiety, depression and even helping the body to heal.

Brain Booster 4: Well-being

How many high performers forget about their own well-being? Sadly our research has found that over 90% of highly successful people lack the life balance that supports their own well-being. We show you how to care for your self and still be a high performer.

Brain Booster 5: Self-confidence

Ever felt lonely or insecure? even in your quietest alone moments? It’s ok to feel that way. We show you techniques and exercises so that you can turn your low moments around and feel powerful and confident whenever you need to.

Brain Booster 6: Impact

Having impact is critical to creating outcomes. Learn how to master time so you become super efficient. Find out how paradoxical behaviours when combined can maximise your results. Upgrade your mental software so that procrastination becomes a thing of the past.


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