Starter Sessions

Find out the more about business brain and take advantage of bite sized performance boosters

We know that many people prefer to have a taster before investing in a programme like the Business Brain. For this reason, we are creating a starter programme delivered via our online learning portal to give you some quick wins and a flavour for what you can expect from the real-life experiences.

Since the training our sales team have displayed an increase in results of approx. 20%Win to Loss ratio increased seasonally by 30% compared to last year.

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Do you want to experience the Business Brain Programme from your own home?
We have created a series of events, home learning and an online version that is delivered via our e-learning platform to give you some powerful quick wins. We know that many people don’t have the time to invest in 12 months of intensive transformation with coaching, so we have developed a smart learning toolkit based on our live Business Brain experiences.

Who should do it?

Anyone who wants to dip in and learn how to improve themselves in bite-sized formats.


Community events

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Online learning

Sign up for our e-learning classes and upskill at your own pace. Free taster course available here


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