Emotional Intelligence Training

When you look at communication, we are taught to think that the words we use are the most important factor. However, words only count for about 7% of the total communication between two people.

Roughly 38% of our communication is determined by how we say the words (voice qualities), and an astounding 55% by non-verbal communication or body language.

How we say things and the gestures are more important than the words.

Imagine presenting an idea to someone, and with a sarcastic voice, shaking their head say: “Yes, that’s a great idea!?” Which part of their communication will you believe the words or the feeling you get? We have a tendency for consciously computing the words, and unconsciously computing the whole. If the messages sent don’t fit together, we get a feeling of something not being quite right. Understanding this is the key to unlocking your Emotional Intelligence.

Empathy is an invaluable asset in business especially now we have so much distraction, tech and time pressures. We really need to invest some time in engaging with staff, customers and each other more often as meaningful relationships are the basis of an organisation or business.

The six ‘domains’ of EQ:

In the Business Brain Progeamme, we focus on teaching you how to subconciously use the 6 domains of Emotional Intelligence:

  1. Knowing & managing your own emotions
  2. Knowing how to generate solid outcomes
  3. Become agile & flexible in your thinking
  4. Understanding rapport & empathy
  5. Becoming more self-aware
  6. Being the best version of YOU

If you want to learn more about Emotional Intelligence / Emotional Quotient or our programmes, just drop us a note using the link below and we would be happy to schedule a no-cost 30 min coaching session for you.

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