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Learn to master your own reality

A unique training programme created for leaders, pioneers, entrepreneurs and the crazy ones who make an impact.Modern life is driving us to explore effective ways to, increase happiness, find meaning, improve performance and have deeper connections.

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Since the training our sales team have displayed an increase in results of approx. 20%Win to Loss ratio increased seasonally by 30% compared to last year.

Steve Dinen
Owner of Fuse Universal

Our programme delivers a smart learning solution as an outcome focused toolbox. Only join if; You want to experience learning that doesn’t repeat the same old business models and outdated formulas. You are feeling lost as if nothing is connected. You want practical and engaging concepts designed to generate positive change in your life.


The few. The game changers. The self enhancers who wants to accelerate their potential and learn how to communicate with power and purpose.


Over the next 12 months, our 6-modular Business Brain Programme will change the way you think and approach situations. We built it to fit around busy schedules and to be immediately usable. Concertinaing on these 6 modules will help make you your own personal superhero:

Brain Booster 1: Mindset

Becoming a Business Brain means expanding your awareness and improving possibility. Explore the winning mindsets of successful role models and build on tapping into their unique DNA .

Brain Booster 2: Relationships

Learn the secrets of those individuals who instantly connect with people and become the person that everyone remembers for all the right reasons. Crack skills such as natural rapport, self-confidence and an ability to engage people at all levels effortlessly.

Brain Booster 3: Perception

Imagine seeing problems as opportunities. What would it feel like to tackle any challenge head on with passion and purpose? Create a better representation of yourself and make others see you at your best at all times.

Brain Booster 4: Language

Be interesting and interested. Use more powerful language patterns to communicate with confidence and authority. Find out how to coach and mentor others but also delve into your own self talk and expand your own potential and capabilities

Brain Booster 5: Influence

One of the greatest lost arts in both business and life is the hidden ability to influence people. Conceive greater levels of personal impact through mastering the capacity to persuade others using cognitive science and behavioural psychology .

Brain Booster 6: Thinking

Train your brain to make faster more effective decisions. Unlock your potential and gain improved levels of self management when under pressure and stress. Your new mindful self will be even more resilient and therefore more able to tackle any situation – regardless.

What you will get

  • Online Group Coaching
  • Online Learning
  • Private Mobile Group Membership
  • Podcasts and Webinars
  • The Business Brain TV
  • Live Community Events
  • The Business Brain Mobile App
  • Live Workshops
  • 1 to 1 coaching
  • *Certificate as a Master in Business Brain NLP
  • *Certificate in Practical Mindfulness for The Business Brain
  • An included copy of our Book


One-off payment £4997
Monthly membership option £499 per month