The Business Brain Programme

What is The Business Brain Programme ?

Well, with the increasing pressures of modern working life we know more and more of you are looking for effective ways to improve the performance of your people and to maximise their interpersonal power not just with each other but with your clients. We also know that there are a multitude of development options available which promise a lot but deliver very little – at a cost too!

This is where the Business Brain can make a measurable difference.

Why should I attend or encourage my team to go? Because you want to experience a programme of learning that doesn’t just regurgitate the same old business models but provides a practical yet engaging toolkit of modern tools and techniques that are designed to stimulate the mind and generate positive change in everyone who attends.

What is the format? This unique toolkit of 6 individual workouts is run over 6 months to provide you with total flexibility and to encourage the digest of information in manageable chunks. You will also have access to our private on-line learning portal where you will find a multitude of exciting tools to enhance your learning experience and support the digest of information.

Price – Just £3997 for the whole programme

*including access to the online learning portal

This special Programme has been developed to help you gain more brilliance, awareness, control, understanding and self-expression at work and at play.

This NLP Business Brain is an outstanding programme of change, learning, skills, tools and techniques that underpin your ability to achieve your life business dreams far more easily than without.

A world class course that covers everything you need to learn to become fully NLP aware and more. You will…


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What will I receive? You will experience a suite of cutting edge and innovative cognitive skills designed to enhance your personal impact and help you to empower and engage staff and clients alike. You will also receive an NLP in Business Practitioner Certificate on completion.

  • Become more mindful of your responses and other people’s emotions
  • Discover how to turn possibilities into outcomes
  • Know how to change that ‘feeling of being stuck’
  • Be able to get to do the things that you really always wanted to, but never felt you could
  • Not even have to think whether you’re confident ever again. (because you just naturally are)
  • Not have conversations again about feeling down…(because that’s not you anymore)
  • Have strategies, tools and skills to create a secure future for you and your business
  • With precision, have skills that put you on the stadium as ‘the best communicator’
  • Be the person that people look up to for answers
  • Be the person that easily and naturally engages others in conversation
  • Inspire people naturally and lead them towards a successful future

You should attend any of our programmes if you are innovative, creative and work in any of these roles...

Why shouldn’t I attend? Well, perhaps you’re stubborn and want to remain where you are because all this ‘mumbo jumbo’ doesn’t work? Or perhaps you are someone who is inflexible and has a cynical view to investing in your team development because of poor results previously? But, that’s not you anyway! How do we know?

Because you are reading this now and therefore clearly have a thirst for progression and pushing boundaries. If however, you cannot afford the one off payment we do have flexible payment terms over 2, 3 and 4 months so get in touch HERE.

2019 Programmes running twice a year. Starting on Feb 1st

London – King Cross
Hertfordshire – Rickmansworth

All days start at 10:00am and run until 5:00pm

  • Entrepreneurs and business owners
  • Directors and executives
  • Managers and team leaders at all levels
  • Sales and service people
  • Administrators
  • IT and technical staff
  • Contact Centre operatives
  • Secretarial staff
  • Trainers
  • HR and coaching staff

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