Mind Full or Mindful?


e-Learning – Community – Events – Group Accountability – APP – Workshops – Coaching – Book – NLP Accreditation
A unique training programme created for leaders, pioneers, entrepreneurs and the crazy ones who make an impact
Modern life is driving us to explore effective ways to, increase happiness, find meaning, improve performance and have deeper connections.
Our programme delivers a smart learning solution as an outcome focussed toolbox. especially if:
You want to experience a programme of learning that doesn’t repeat the same old business models and common sense.
You are feeling lost as if nothings connected.
You want practical and engaging innovations designed to generate positive change in your life.
Over the next 12 months, our 6-part Business Brain Programme will change the way you think and approach situations. We built it to fit around busy schedules and to be immediately usable.
Concentrating on these 6 elements will make you your own personal superhero:


  • Month 1: Outcomes
  • Month 2: Rapport
  • Month 3: Perception
  • Month 4: Language
  • Month 5: Influence
  • Month 6: Thinking


You will enjoy:


  • Online Group Coaching
  • Online Learning
  • Private Mobile Group Membership
  • Podcasts and Webinars
  • The Business Brain TV
  • Live Community Events
  • The Business Brain Mobile App
  • Live Workshops
  • 1 to 1 coaching
  • *Certificate in Business Brain NLP
  • An included copy of our Book


One-off payment £4997

Monthly membership option £499 per month


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