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With over 25 years’ experience, Oliver is a celebrated Keynote speaker, author, corporate trainer and executive coach who works with leaders and organisations creating measurable results through a combination of neuro-linguistics, behavioural psychology and other cutting-edge learning techniques. Having made an impact within many start-ups, SMEs and household names such as Coca Cola, Estee Lauder, BMW, Zara, Samsung, Tesco and British Athletics he continues to be passionate about making learning stimulating, exciting, creative and above all outcome-focused.

Terry is a highly experienced trainer and international coach of NLP certified by John Grinder, one of the co-creators of NLP and has assisted on many of his trainings. Terry has also trained with co-creator Richard Bandler and many of the leading co-developers in the field.,In 2005 he travelled to America to study hypnotherapy and become a certified trainer of hypnotherapy. Terry is also a visiting lecturer in NLP for project management , Conflict transformation and negotiation skills at the University of Chester focusing on emotional regulation and resilience using specific cognitive behavioural models of personal and interpersonal conflict and negotiation management

Why Choose Us?

Professionally Certified

We are Certified Mindfulness Practitioners and Master Trainers in NLP. Our Certified Eriksonian Hypnotherapists will work with you to reconstruct your negative thought patterns. We are also Harrison assessment coaches and Hogan practitioners.

Experienced and Established

Delivering outcome led training for over 25 years Proven by over 500 Business Brains Used at the top levels in FTSE 100 companies

Individualised Training

We have a smart curriculum with both online and live training. Every candidate gets a bespoke package and tailored coaching including both 1-2-1 and Group training. We also have Corporate packages available.


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