About Oliver Thompson

With over 25 years’ experience, Oliver is a celebrated Keynote speaker, author, corporate trainer and executive coach who works with leaders and organisations creating measurable results through a combination of neuro-linguistics, behavioural psychology and other cutting-edge learning techniques. Having made an impact within many start-ups, SMEs and household names such as Coca Cola, Estee Lauder, BMW, Zara, Samsung, Tesco and British Athletics he continues to be passionate about making learning stimulating, exciting, creative and above all outcome focused.

Oliver’s areas of expertise include Sales & Service, Business Consultancy, Behavioural Development, Motivation and Personal Impact, Thought Leadership, Team Strategies and Change Management.

Oliver is fully qualified in many cutting edge areas of expertise and is a Mindfulness Practitioner, a Master Trainer of NLP, a Certified Eriksonian Hypnotherapist, a Hogan profiling expert and Founder of the Business Brain NLP Academy and Author of the Book ‘How to Train Your Business Brain.’

Areas of Expertise

Oliver will take you on a fascinating journey into the arena of Smart Thinking, Personal Impact and Behavioural Psychology. He explores how to create positive change in fast-paced business environments. As we all know, there are some exciting times ahead but also some potential turbulence along the way. It is all about how we deal with these ups and the downs. Becoming more agile in our working attitudes, mindful of outdated restrictive behaviours and supportive towards staff emotional health and wellbeing.

As Leaders our role is to stimulate financial success, engage our employees and generate many sustainable outcomes. We all must realise that not all working philosophies still hold true in our fast-moving new innovative business environments, we must collaborate and find new ways of creating compelling behaviours and encourage pioneering, agile thinking and communication tactics as we move forward.

Success is never easy, but the challenges we face should always make us stronger. Oliver will guide you through the psychology of personal impact and how we need to be more aware of the personal processes and programmes at play that can sometimes hold us back and create limitation. We will discover how by releasing these restrictions and, by engaging in proven smarter thinking, sales, leadership and communication strategies, our ability to access our own hidden talents and encourage business growth and will add real value for all concerned.

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