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Successful people think differently. The Business Brain is an online course for those looking to develop managers into leaders. We offer you a total performance transformation. You and your team will learn the necessary skills, behaviours and tools to lead and motivate people more effectively and really make a lasting impact to your business.

The Business Brain is a smart, outcome focussed learning solution that helps you explore effective ways to improve performance.

We help you turn your weaknesses into strengths and your strengths into superpowers.

Do you want to create deeper personal connections? Find purpose and increase happiness?

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The Business Brain was created to make sure people become the best version of themselves and maximise their talent and resourcefulness.

Oliver Thompson Founder of the Business Brain in an interview with TIP-tv

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We know that many people prefer to have a taster before investing in a programme like the Business Brain. For this reason, we are creating a starter programme delivered via our online learning portal to give you some quick wins and a flavour for what you can expect.

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Core Programme

A unique training programme created for leaders, pioneers and entrepreneurs that understand how to use business superpowers. Modern life is driving us to explore effective ways to, increase happiness, find meaning and improve performance.


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Learn the secrets to massively over achieve in everything that you do. We share the key strategies that can truly improve your thinking and your results.




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This book compiles all the essential techniques of our popular training programme for entrepreneurs and leaders in industry, it will show why we do what we do and from this you’ll understand the many ways in which you’ll be able to make the shifts and changes in yourself to positively effect your success. more >

Paperback , 144 pages with 42 cognitive workouts
ISBN: 978-0-9571558-1-7

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We are creating a network of business owners who share a growth mind set. We are re-writing the rules of professional development. We are making an impact through learning. Businesses that are led by Business Brain will be more successful, happier and healthier places to work.

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