Custom Printed Plastic Cups

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Custom plastic cups are customizable and can be recreated depending on its purpose. Repeatedly, plastic cups are put to use for market building. Nevertheless, there are special kinds of promotional plastic cups that are being carried in varied holidays. Here are some designs that you can try for your custom logo plastic cups.


Cocktail drinks should not be served in cocktail glasses alone. In fact, it can also be strained on promotional plastic cups. This custom plastic cups for cocktails are not fragile and light. This is suitable eminently for functions where heavy drinkers are invited.


A sports-themed affair will indubitably require custom personalized plastic cups to keep athletes hydrated throughout the game. There are plastic cups that are shaped like basketball, soccer ball or any sport-related commodities that might capture people’s attention.


This classification of event is characterized by bold colours and futuristic designs laden with silver and metallic. A logo printed techno plastic cup should also be the embodiment of the digital age to fit in the whole concept.

Cartoon Character Craze

Kid’s parties should repeatedly be filled with child-friendly things like their favourite cartoon characters. Some plastic designs that might suit a kiddie party are Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Spiderman, Disney Princesses, Justice League characters and many others.

Animal Themed

This is another theme that would be suitable for children. Animal themed plastic cups can be put to use to kids as part of their learning process. Try to imprint various and distinct animal designs and teach kids about animal classification, traits, behaviours and their sounds through these materials.

Hollywood Haute

Gossip girls and boys will indubitably unite for a Hollywood inspired holiday. Aside from the red carpet, customized award crystals and the glamorous garment, this holiday will never be complete without the food, drinks and even the plastic cups and utensils in Hollywood style. In addition, some of the ultimate designs for these drinkwares are inspired by Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Twilight Saga and Harry Potter. This wills doubtlessly make every young girls, gays and boys scream for more.

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Go Green For The Remembrance Day

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This coming St. Patrick’s Day, do you have any give away to deliver to your targeted business partner? If you don’t have time to think for these excellent corporate gifts, maybe you have suitable amount of time to read this article and be informed about the things that you should know in preferring the right classes of promotional corporate gifts that you can supply for this emphatically inimitable green day. Here are some of the best promotional corporate gifts that you can give your conceivable business partners, your loyal prospects and even your best employees.

Green will absolutely be in for this considerably inimitable happening. Give them something green to wear while continuously pitching your brand. A t-shirt would permanently be splendid custom printed corporate gift that you can distribute. It has wide imprinting spaces that display your brand. Imprints on t-shirts can also be seen even from afar. That only means that you take the maximum exposure that you really want.

St. Patrick’s Day is regularly characterized by street parties and an overflow of beer and other drinks. Instead of partying the whole day on the streets, why don’t you invite your employees or your loyal buyers over for a green party in considerably exceptional venue where you can have exclusive and secluded fun. Give them green beer, green wine or anything green to drink. Serve them green cocktails and provide promotional corporate gifts like wines and spirits swaddled in green cellophane.

This greatly special yearly affair is not just for the grown ups. It can also be a child-friendly happening devoid of the alcoholic drinks and the Mardi Gras. Companies can deliver merchandise that can be assembled as into things related to the honouring. Various corporations can grant kiddie art packages like shamrock magnets. Your company can also provide custom logo corporate gifts that are exclusive only for sons and daughters like Ben 10 watches and armbands, Incredible Hulk caps and masks and many other cartoon character infused custom made corporate gifts that would be suitable for kids.

Your business partners only deserve the best. Of course, you have to give only the top-notch gifts that exude elegance like pad folios, planners, fountain pens and even wine that are coluored green. Well, it is not necessary that all of them are green, you can just arrange them in a basket and drape it with a green wrapper and your gift is all set to be delivered.

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Personalized Pen Or Pencil: Ideal Gift That Will Absolutely Melt Her Heart This Valentines

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Studies exhibit that women are more into writing instruments than men. It is said on a certain statistic that 56% of women’s purchases on promotional commodities goes to writing materials like pens and pencils while calendars got 28%, bags got 26% and health and safety items got 11%. Maybe that’s one of the different basis why we most likely say that women as emotional beings. They are the ones who take time to write their sentiments on journals and diaries. They are also more vocal than men. Positively, there are so many differences that separates men from women. But one thing is for sure, men can please women in many ways that one mainly this coming Valentines.

Word can doubtlessly melt women’s hearts eminently with how the words are being declared. But surely, action speaks louder than words. Speaking of writing materials, writing her are heartfelt letter would ideally pair with a candlelight dinner. On the other hand, if you want to veer away from the customary means of making her joyous. Maybe fabricating a custom printed pen and pencil would be a wonderful option. It might sound intricate but it is incredibly effortless. Here are the instructions on how you would produce a promotional pen and pencil that is ideal for Valentines Day.

Materials Needed:

Pen Felt Paper Scissors Ribbon Beads Glue Jewelry Wire Alphabet Stencil

Step One. Glean all the materials that you need. Prepare the custom made pen or pencil swathe it colored felt paper.

Step Two. Roll the jewelry wire around the custom logo pen starting from the tip down to its handle. Coat the tip of the pen or pencil so the jewelry wire will not be displayed. bring about the same with the other end by swathing it with felt paper of different color.

Step Three. Attach the bead on the jewelry wire.

Step Four. Set the custom personalized pen aside and get any heart shaped stock or forge your own using felt and make it fluffy by stuffing cotton balls inside. Put the heart shape stock at the end part of the pen.

Step Five. On a separate felt paper, write any message of love. You can write it manipulating a marker pen or trace each letters of the words “I love you” using the alphabet stencil and stick one by one.

Setting up such extraordinary promotional pen or pencil would be very much appreciated. Such act will assuredly melt her heart knowing the fact that you exerted effort just to make such kind of material.

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Reasons Why Technology-Related Promotional Products Will Work in 2011

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We’re already nearing the end of January, yet I’m sure that most of us are still at the brink of planning the schedule of promotions for our respective companies. If you are one of these companies, you should read further to discover that gadget-related promotional products is the way to go-if you read further you will know why these promo gifts is the one that will bring you to success.

When mobile phones, pagers and other advance technologies first came, generally, the only people who can afford them are young professional and the veterans, and therefore they are the only ones who have them. But today, the owners of these cool devices are not limited to them anymore, even the kids and students have them already, which essentially proves that the market of these kinds of products are becoming bigger and bigger. This therefore means that if you use customizable CD cases, USB memory, MP3 bags and other computer accessories, you will be able to tap a market so great that I can immediately bring us to what everyone yearns for: success.

You may be unaware of this but a number of people generally feel that these gadget and its accessories are life necessities that makes living more convenient. This makes any gadget-related promotional products a great gift to give simply because there’s a certainty that people will actually keep them. You have to always remember that the advertising merchandise that work are those that a myriad of people are sure to keep.

There are a number of kinds of promotional electronics; but to know the best one for your sales, do research. Knowing what your buyers want and need is the core of any kind of advertising. You ought to always keep your presents client-appropriate. This is by the simple reason that if you hand out you have to be relevant. Marketing, more often than not, is about being relevant to your target buyers.

We are commonly living in a technology-driven environment-gadgets and computers is the bread and butter of the current economy. This ultimately makes promotional products that are intimately hooked to technology the finest giveaways that can make your clients happy-happy enough to support you.

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Uses Of A Promotional Pen Not Just Marketing

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Pen will not be named the universal marketing product for nothing. A marketing pen is typically seen in advertising affairs like trade shows, job fairs, office events, company affairs and other happenings where brand building is one of the main concerns. Aside from the fact that such material is budget-friendly and can be dispensed easily, promotional pens can also be exhausted in different circumstances. Without a doubt, there is more to a pen’s life other than its purpose in keeping the brand name awake in the minds of the society. To let you know, here are some other scenarios that a person can exhaust a promotional pen.

Pens are utilized in academe. Of course, promotional pens are very vital for school, without it, note taking and the whole procedure of learning will never be whole. In the first place, other than the offices, schools can grant any pen company enough revenue to keep its operations. No astonishment why pens and pencils are being exhausted to promote education among students.

Pens are valuable gifts. Pens can be nice gifts too. Such materials vary in range and transcend various demographics. It can be drafted according to its prospective market. In fact, there are pens that can also be cool toys for small girls and boys. It can also be a nice and chic fountain pen that would fit the hands of any executive or any loved one.

Pens can be your collection. Believe it or not, there are people who are fancied to collect various types of pens all over the world. These persons frequently travel the entire Earth just to get any promotional pen from various airlines or any hotspots in the countries that they have visited. Such collection give them unique thrill, satisfaction and nostalgia.

Pens can be used as a self defense weapon. Yes, even a custom made pen can defend you from dangerous crooks around the darkest location in the metro. In moments like this, we should know how we would protect ourselves and rely on things that we have at hand. The pointed tip of the pen can bruise your attacker if hit with force on any sensitive areas of your attacker’s body. This will give them pain that might grant you the opportune time to run away.

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