How to Build Page Rank

Posted by admin on May 1, 2011 under SEO | Comments are off for this article

‘Page rank’ is based on intricate and complicated algorithms that determine your site’s importance and authority. Why is this important? Well, building PR ups your chances to be scored by a search engine like Google; using your competitive key words. Also, having higher ranking pages aids you by making you and your website available to a massive community of people needing your services, products or advice. Keep in mind you are playing in a mine field and every mine waits in the sand to be stepped on only to blow you to pieces if you do not have the right moves. Building page rank is one of those moves!

Whats Page Rank

Home to millions of citizens the internet is a place to be noticed, if you are unique. Being unique is inevitable if you want your website or business to grow and prosper. The defining difference when building page rank is the amount of quality of incoming links to your site, quantity should be less of a factor.

If you seek higher page rank then you should aim towards quality links to your site. Popping out link after link to unrelated pages will not gain you PR. Actually, search engines like Google spot this quickly and penalize websites who put out too many unrelated links to their site too fast.

Linking to and from websites with a high PR is important when building back links, this can also increase your pages’ rank. Google tries to provide the latest up to date ranks available but this does not mean that one site’s quality is lower or that the value is less than another. Building page rank takes time and if another site confers to your own then you should link up.

Building page rank is also determined by quality internal linking; however the most influential factor is external linking. This part leaves you with the least control due to the fact that you are not able to force other websites to link yours, especially if they already have a high PR. When it comes to external linking you must learn the correct way to link and most importantly find and request websites that have relevance to your website; seeing if they will link your site onto theirs. It is all about getting the PR of it, and if it seems too complicated, you can always hire someone to do it for you!

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