Uses of the Google Android Platform

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Applications can be built for mobile devices from Googles Android platform which provides open source operating system software for developers. The top ten Android apps created from the Android platform can help users do a variety of tasks.

By the use of Google Maps application cab4me users can call a cab to the place they want with just one click. The GPS locates the users location and also the location of the nearest cab company. Locale is another application with which you mobile phone automatically switches to the vibration mode when you enter your office. It will also forward calls to different groups, based on whether you are at home or in the office. A third among the top ten Android apps is the PicSay which is a picture editor which you can use to highlight, correct colors, add bubbles or even distort pictures.

Softrace is the fourth among the top ten Android Apps which allows you to create live races on bikes, skis or even foot with your friends. Here you can even track your friends progress. The application uses Google Maps API for this. TuneWiki is another social networking application and with this the user can share with his friends the music on his cell phone. Both audio and video is available along with the lyrics of the song that comes along with the music. Social events in the users life can be synchronized by the use of the Wertago which rates the current top entertainment spots in your city.

The seventh among the top ten Android Apps is the Life 360. This is another social networking application whereby the user is able to get information regarding his neighborhood. He can know all the latest event of his local community and family and even get alerted during any emergency in his neighborhood. The GoCart Application is the eighth ranked Android Application by which the user can collect all information regarding the various shops and he can even scan barcodes. This application is created using the GPS enabled Android built-in camera.

Ecorio Application helps you to keep a check on your carbon footprint to know how much you are contributing to pollution when using your car. The last in the list of top ten Android Apps is the Compare Everywhere which helps in comparing prices of products at shops and gauging the quality of the products.

Free Marketing and advertising Ideas for Small Business

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Advertising is commonly one of the least implemented ways to promote and showcase a business. Why? Mainly because advertising may well be pricey. Besides that, a large number of advertising methods are unproven. The outcomes can be unstable. Sensible home business owners are cautious with their money. They typically are inclined to choose proven marketing solutions. Even so, advertising doesn’t have to be expensive. There are numerous free advertising possibilities small business proprietors can use.

The following are seven free promoting and advertising suggestions for small business enterprises.

#1 Register the business website on free listing directories such as DMOZ which could help to improve the online targeted traffic.

#2 Make the most of classified ad sites. Design ads to market a specified tool or service. Make sure to create your ad similar to you would any other paid ad. Solve a issue. Produce a compelling headline. Include a call to action.

#3 Add your business to local search engines like Google Places, Local Yahoo, Local MSN and so on. Include reviews to your profile. Help to make absolutely sure the address and contact details is consistent with what you have publicized on your website. Also put a few local keywords to your blog SEO strategy. For example, if you’re situated in Dallas Texas and your website is about fitness training, then you may perhaps choose “Fitness training Dallas Texas.”

#4 Submit ads on social networking sites similar to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace. Don’t go insane with the advertising. Simply just publish them all on your profile page or incorporate them once in a while in your articles.

#5 Trade advertisements with relevant websites. For instance, if you’re a health and fitness trainer and you know a nutritional expert, you may each post an ad for the other on your web-site. It’s a easy promotional relationship. You may additionally submit advertisements in each other’s news letters.

#6 Participate in trade forums that let you to advertise your own business. You could develop advertising campaigns especially for your forum target audience.

#7 Make use of no cost listing sites similar to Craigslist to promote your small business. Compose the classifieds similar to you would for any other medium. Get a engaging headline, copy that provides a alternative to a problem and after that a call to action.

You can likewise create flyers and brochures and place them all-around town. And while it’s not free, you might additionally print your internet site on stickers or magnets and put them on your vehicle. These kinds of ads generally don’t cost much and they can easily have a great return on investment – specifically for local businesses.

Free advertising and marketing options are all around you. It simply requires a small amount of ingenuity to recognize and capitalize on them.

Software And Services For Customer Relationship Management

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Two of the leading software developers in the CRM field are Microsoft CRM and Goldmine software. CRM is an acronym for customer relationship management. It is a field in computer technology that helps businesses keeps track of their clients. Also, thru developments in recent years, the CRM system is used as the perfect means to manage, automate and synchronize every kind of business interaction between company and client, be it marketing, technical support, and primarily sales.

The basic functions of the CRM system are three: to acquire, enhance, and retain the customer base. The acquiring of new customers is a much easier job with a CRM system because sales can be done with ease, and at the same time contact management becomes a more efficient part of the whole operation. When it comes to enhancing the customer database, a web-enabled CRM can give clients the advantage of one-stop shopping. This can be achieved with customer service tools managed by a team of service and sales specialists. Probably the most important role of the CRM however, is the retaining of customers. This is because the CRM keeps track of all sales, and therefore can easily identify loyal customers, and reward them.

As I said in the beginning two of the competing software companies that have a firm grasp of the CRM market are Microsoft CRM and Goldmine Software. Goldmine Software has been one of the first companies to implement the CRM system. Since then, the products have evolved to become more and more specialized. In my opinion, this is an advantage and also a disadvantage, of the Goldmine Software. There is no question that the Goldmine Software is competent, this is evident by the fact that it is still one of the leading brands in CRM, the only problem with their newer programs is that they have become too complicated for the average user. Of course the basic program hasn’t suffered that many changes, and all the specific developments are available as add-ons, but it is still worth pointing out that maybe the developers of Goldmine Software have forgotten that simplicity is most often the form of success.

On the other hand, the Microsoft CRM has been catching up pretty fast. It hasn’t been at the forefront of CRM technology but in recent years, it is getting a bigger and bigger share of the market. Its recent success can be attributed to its user friendly interface. It has a strong point exactly where the Goldmine software falls short. Another of its strong points is represented by the tight integration with Microsoft Office and Outlook.

This is a real plus because the interface is much more familiar in this way to employees who have experience working with Windows. On the other hand, what it gains in speed and versatility the Microsoft CRM looses in depths. It is very cumbersome when it comes to very specific and specialized tasks, and it is a hassle to get what you want from it in these kinds of situations.

In conclusion I can say that both these software companies have managed to get their fair share of the ever growing CRM market. Microsoft CRM is fast , and user friendly, perfect for small and medium businesses, while the Goldmine Software is much more specialized, making it ideal for big companies, but harder to use. There’s no question that both these companies will continue to be extremely profitable in the future because of the high demand for CRM systems, but there are a lot of younger software developers putting pressure on them with new programs appearing each day.

The author is an expert in CRM software and solutions and recommends both microsoft and goldmine..

Essential Apps for the HTC Evo

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There have been a lot of applications that have been developed for the HTC Evo. Along with the gaming, task-management, and a variety of other mobile apps, music is of course one of the most popular. Whether you want to create and share unique ring tones and music or search and view videos, the screen size and resolution, storage capabilities, and other advanced technological features makes this quad-band smart phone perfect for the development and use of a wide range of music applications. Here is a breakdown of the top 5 music apps available for the HTC Evo. There is a little something for every user, in no particular order.

Slacker Personal Radio has developed a free mobile radio app for Android HTC Evo. It has over 100 preset music and news stations free of charge or you can upgrade to their premium service. Simply choose from one of the wide range of available genres, or pick from thousands of artists and styles and mix for your own custom mobile radio station. They offer fully integrated Twitter capability, cover art and artist bios, and excellent user support. An Reader’s Choice winning app.

Museek is the ultimate smart music player app for the ultimate smart phone technology. As it takes your existing playlist, it’ll use that to give you some recommendations by finding other artists similar to what your taste of music is, all by knowing what’s in your playlist. Museek additionally features a memory mode that remembers skipped tracks, so it will only play the music you want to hear at that moment. It also offers seamless browsing, streaming music, song lyrics, and a visualization technology which can view your music collection in either 2D or 3D, and fully integrated synchronization with other devices using accessories.

Ringdroid is a handy little app for customizing your own ring tones utilizing your existing MP3s or using the record mode to record and mix sounds directly from your phone. It uses touch screen technology for precise cutting and editing on the waveform display screen. When you’re done editing your clip, it is as easy as a finger tap to save to your SD card and import or save on your phone as a music clip, alarm, or notification.

VuClips is a free music video application which is fast and takes full advantage of the large screen and excellent resolution. It has fast downloads and a well-organized library featuring hundreds of artists and clips. An anti-fingerprint screen protector can be found online for about $1 to make sure your screen remains scratch-free and video friendly. An case is another worthwhile and inexpensive purchase to protect your phone and keeps the music flowing.

There are several music composition apps available on the market, but Android Musical seems to be the best pick for a number of reasons. First of all, it offers many of the same pro-quality features in its free version-Android Music Lite- as are available in Android Musical Pro, which is only a few pounds or dollars and has regularly available free updates. It is great app for the professional songwriter to have available on a mobile device featuring a breath-activated pitch pipe, a touch screen 128 instrument keyboard and piano, drums, and a metronome which can utilize note and time-change values,. It can be also be used as a wireless MIDI transmission device. In short, this app has everything you need to be creative whenever the urge strikes and wherever you are.

Uses Of A Promotional Pen Not Just Marketing

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Pen will not be named the universal marketing product for nothing. A marketing pen is typically seen in advertising affairs like trade shows, job fairs, office events, company affairs and other happenings where brand building is one of the main concerns. Aside from the fact that such material is budget-friendly and can be dispensed easily, promotional pens can also be exhausted in different circumstances. Without a doubt, there is more to a pen’s life other than its purpose in keeping the brand name awake in the minds of the society. To let you know, here are some other scenarios that a person can exhaust a promotional pen.

Pens are utilized in academe. Of course, promotional pens are very vital for school, without it, note taking and the whole procedure of learning will never be whole. In the first place, other than the offices, schools can grant any pen company enough revenue to keep its operations. No astonishment why pens and pencils are being exhausted to promote education among students.

Pens are valuable gifts. Pens can be nice gifts too. Such materials vary in range and transcend various demographics. It can be drafted according to its prospective market. In fact, there are pens that can also be cool toys for small girls and boys. It can also be a nice and chic fountain pen that would fit the hands of any executive or any loved one.

Pens can be your collection. Believe it or not, there are people who are fancied to collect various types of pens all over the world. These persons frequently travel the entire Earth just to get any promotional pen from various airlines or any hotspots in the countries that they have visited. Such collection give them unique thrill, satisfaction and nostalgia.

Pens can be used as a self defense weapon. Yes, even a custom made pen can defend you from dangerous crooks around the darkest location in the metro. In moments like this, we should know how we would protect ourselves and rely on things that we have at hand. The pointed tip of the pen can bruise your attacker if hit with force on any sensitive areas of your attacker’s body. This will give them pain that might grant you the opportune time to run away.

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